13 Tips to Successfully Sell Your Home In The Fall

November 14, 2019

13 Tips to Successfully Sell Your Home In The Fall

If you’re planning to sell your home during the fall season, you’ll need to prepare your home a little bit differently than you would in the summer. The basics still matter of course. Make sure your home is tidy, get clear on your financial objectives, and create a plan with your real estate agent. 

In order to get the most money possible from your home sale, make sure to add a couple of essentials to accentuate your home during the fall months. 


Here are 13 tips you can do to help you sell your home in the fall. 


Capture sunny, well lit photos

In order to attract buyers to your listing, it’s best to opt for quality photos. Not only will natural light make the home appear brighter, but it also creates an uplifting mood. Try your best to capture a picture of your home on a sunny day in the fall. Weather may not always allow for a sunny day, but delaying a photo shoot a couple days will be worth it to wait for the sunshine.


Maintain excellent curb appeal

Having leaves scattered across your lawn does not create good curb appeal. Even in the winter months, curb appeal still matters. Remember to keep the lawn and front porch free of dirt and debris. The last thing you want is a buyer driving up to your home for the first time and seeing trash everywhere.


Freshen up your home with fall scents 

One of the best things about fall is the alluring fall scents. There’s nothing like feeling right at home with the smell of fresh-baked pumpkin pie or baked apple. Create a cozy atmosphere by having a fresh fall scent home buyers are sure to love.


Ensure your HVAC is working properly 

There’s nothing worse than walking through a cold interior home. You don’t want buyers rushing out the door because your home isn’t comfortable. Create a temperature in your home that makes the buyers want to stay awhile. You’ll also put the buyer at ease by letting them know you’re home HVAC system is working properly.


Consider updating the light bulbs to make a brighter interior 

It’s no surprise there might be cloudy days during the fall season and you’ll still want your home to be bright. Consider adding floor lamps and other lighting that will brighten up your home on a cloudy day. If you also have rooms that tend to be a little darker, you can update the light bulbs. Daylight bulbs work well for darker rooms with little to no natural light. However, do consider the ambiance you’re trying to create. It might work better to opt for a light bulb that creates a cozy feeling in a certain room.


Stage your home with fall decor

Pay attention to the interior in your home. There’s nothing like seeing a chunky blanket laying on top of a comfy couch or harvest squash and pumpkins decorated nicely on your dining room table. Make your home an environment in which potential buyers feel relaxed and cozy. As always, less is more. Don’t go too crazy with seasonal decor.


Create an exceptional experience by playing fall music

Remember your entire home is painting a picture of what it would be like to live there. You want the buyers to imagine themselves living their dream lifestyle in the home. That may also look like playing relaxing fall music that makes them want to stay a while. 


Be extra flexible with showings

The fall season can be busy for many buyers. They may have kids, be swamped at work before the year ends, and have extracurricular activities they have to attend to. Being flexible with showings makes it easy on all of those involved. Even though it may fit your ideal schedule to accommodate home tours, just remember that savvy buyers choosing to purchase a home during fall tend to be serious buyers!


Create Fall treats for homebuyers to enjoy

You can amp up your listing by creating fall treats for potential buyers to enjoy. If you have a Keurig, you can leave out cups with apple cider or hot chocolate so buyers can have with fresh cookies to enjoy as they tour your home. The longer you can get them to stay, the more familiar they get with the home…And the more likely they will be to put in an offer.



Opt for autumn colors throughout the home

Update your decor to fall colors. This helps create a cozy atmosphere in your home. If you don’t have the ability (or the budget) to update your entire home that’s okay. You can always choose to update the high profile rooms including the master bedroom, and the kitchen. It can be as simple as grabbing some fall color hand mittens, kitchen towels, and bedding.



Talk to your agent about your fall marketing campaign

Marketing during the fall season may require a little bit more of a marketing push. Make sure to talk to your agent about how you can expand your marketing. Since many companies may relocate employees during the winter months, talk to your agent about whether it makes sense to market to relocation specialists. They may know of a company who is bringing people into your area that may be looking for a home



Don’t make your home too festive 

The fall season is a fun time with holidays like Halloween. But, you don’t want people feeling as if touring your home’s like taking a walk through a haunted house. Remember, your home is now a product that you want to sell. Think of dressing up your home like a model and make it appeal to everyone. 



Accentuate seasonal features in your home

If you have certain features specific to the fall season like a fireplace, make sure to accentuate the feature. Lite your fireplace before showings if you feel comfortable.  The snap, crackle sound of a lit fireplace creates a cozy appeal. If you’re having an open house, you can always ask your agent to make sure the fireplace is lit for you.


And a Bonus! Tip #14

Hiring the right real estate agent will take a lot of the planning and headache out of the process. They can provide vendor contacts, help coordinate any repairs, and take many of these items off your list so that you can continue to focus on day to day life. While there are many agents that are good at the singular aspect of listing a home, there are not as many that have the experience or connections to run a successful project with multiple vendors, multiple jobs, and on a specific timeline. Pick the right agent and you’ll save potential headaches and delays!



Selling your home during the fall season can be an exciting time. Not only can you use these tips to update your home and create an exciting selling experience, but these tips are sure to help you sell your home in no time. If you need help preparing your home to sell in the fall, give us a call. Just remember, focus on a warm, inviting, and cozy feel and you’ll attract potential buyers.

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