3 Neighborhoods that are ‘the Best Kept Secret’ for Bay Area Residents Moving to Sacramento

April 26, 2019

3 Neighborhoods that are ‘the Best Kept Secret’ for Bay Area Residents Moving to Sacramento

Twenty-four percent of Bay Area residents are leaving the Bay

Home prices have skyrocketed and multiple offers are common.

It is tough to compete even if you are laying down an all cash offer OR willing to bid over the asking price…

And many bay area residents decided to exit California altogether. Flip on the news and you will find residents flocking in groves to Reno and Dallas because of lower housing costs.

But, there is nothing like the beauty of California!

If you are like most residents who desire to live close to Bay area city-vibe AND experience California’s gorgeous weather, relaxing vacation spots and multitude of culture only California has to offer…then consider moving to the Sacramento area!.

Sacramento is the new hot spot for Bay Area residents because you can live close enough to the Bay Area without the sticker shot price tag.

Although Sacramento neighborhoods like Midtown and East Sacramento grow in popularity as the next best thing to the Bay Area, many residents relocating feel pessimistic because they are still having to go head to head in a competitive real estate market.



If this sounds like you,then look no further…

Here are 3 untapped neighborhoods perfect for Bay Area Residents Moving to Sacramento


Why You Should Consider Moving to West Roseville

If you are someone who is looking to find the perfect area for your family to enjoy look no further than West Roseville. Although West Roseville rests in Placer County, this area is still worth mentioning as an option.

Two highly desired suburban neighborhoods include West Park and Fiddyment Ranch.   These two areas have an excellent school district with students that have some of the highest testing scores in all of the surrounding Sacramento area. Westpark and Fiddyment Ranch are still fairly newer neighborhoods, so you will be more likely to purchase a home without the risk of structural costs that come with purchasing an older home you might find in downtown Sacramento.


West Park is a prime location situated a couple miles away from the I-80 freeway. This means it will be easy to take that weekend trip down to the Bay Area.  What is most important? If you enjoy being close to the city, but you still value your peace and quiet West Roseville may be the perfect option.


As of April 2019 home prices are averaging $450,000 in these areas. If you are not familiar with how the real estate market operates, things can change in the blink of an eye. But right now, you might find the temperatures colder leaning towards a buyer’s market…This benefits you because there may be less competition and more likelihood you will get your offer accepted.

Why You Should Consider Moving to Citrus Heights

Citrus Heights is a small neighborhood with the hustle and bustle feeling of a bigger city. Although it does not have a variety of indie restaurants you would find in a bigger city like downtown Sacramento or San Francisco,  what it lacks in variety it makes up for in location.

Citrus Heights sits between Highway 80 and Highway 50, meaning if you’re wanting to take a drive up to San Francisco or experience the skyline views of Tahoe, you can hit the road and be there in no time.


The cities experienced a bit of a boom in the past 10 years. If you are cruising through the city, you will find many areas to shop and dozens of newly opened restaurants. So whether you prefer a tasty burger, want to experience a bit of poke fish, rich pasta, a zesty burrito bowl or you’re interested in skipping down to the farmer’s market to make a nutritious meal with organic farm-to-fork ingredients…any dish you could possibly dream of is 15 minutes from your home.


Many of the homes in Citrus Heights were built in the 1970’s/1980’s and still have the same charm that goes with it…But, you will also find new home builds along with homes you can do some renovation and customize.


Why You Should Consider Moving to Granite Bay


If you are looking to lavish in luxury, then consider the Granite Bay area.

Granite Bay sits in Placer County, but since it is so close to both the I-80 corridor and the Highway 50 corridor, it had to make this list.

Granite Bay’s been the home to many celebrities including Eddie Murphy and Sacramento Kings players.


Even though the average home value in Granite Bay hovers the $700,000 range, you will still get more bang for your buck than you would in the Bay Area. It is not uncommon for residents to have enough land for plush gardens and even livestock in some of the more rural areas.

One of the biggest payoffs of living in Granite Bay is the proximity to Folsom Lake and Old Town Folsom.


So if you are looking to experience a bit of old world charm, have an evening out with friends enjoying wine and painting or eat at a local bakery with fresh bread baked in house using local ingredients, you are close to everything you desire.

Right now, Granite Bay is experiencing a balanced market. So if you’re looking to buy a home in Granite Bay without as much competition, there may be some opportunities to be had.


Do all these areas sound too good to be true? Not even. If you are looking to get comprehensive information written exclusively by top agents in the local area…I invite you to join Quantum Real Estate’s newsletter so that you can get immediate updates on changes in the market before anyone else.

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