5 Rarely Practiced Tactics You Can Use When House Hunting

December 23, 2019

5 Rarely Practiced Tactics You Can Use When House Hunting

You may have been told that now is the time to buy. You are ready to find the home of your dreams and sign on the dotted line.

Yet right now in the final quarter of 2019, especially in Sacramento County, there is a lot of competition. Finding that dream home may feel far from possible. 

However, finding a home you love doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you have a couple tricks up your sleeve you can use in this highly competitive market. 

Here are five little-known tactics you can use to get into that dream home in Roseville or the Greater Sacramento area.



Look at homes for sale in Old Roseville

Many buyers have their heart set on a newer home. However, if you have never considered an older home, you might want to speak with an agent about the possibility of buying an older home in Old Roseville or a similar established neighborhood. 

Old Roseville has what I like to call “vintage charm” because the homes are full of architecture you can’t find in a new home. 

If you’ve ever been drawn to shows like Rehab Addict with Nicole Curtis or fixer-upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines, and you don’t mind a little bit of work required to restore a home to its former glory, picking an older home might be for you!

I get it though…

There are certain nuances associated with older homes that you might not find if you buy a newer home. These details keep many home buyers away, therefore reducing the amount of competition!

The significant cost of renovation is one of those limiting factors.

If this sounds like you, then this next tip is perfect for you!


Design your dream home with an FHA 203k loan

An FHA 203K renovation loan is geared towards home buyers who want to put their own personal touch on their home. 

Many home buyers get an adequate amount of money to put towards your property renovation. 

Your renovation loan includes not only the cost of materials, but also a mortgage broker.

If you’re not sure which mortgage broker to pick, your real estate agent should be able to help with a referral. 


Upgrade your real estate offer packet

One of the problems I hear from buyers is that they are putting in an offer and keep getting outbid by other buyers offering over the asking price (and even some with all cash.)

I understand the mental energy it takes to not only look for a property, but to find one that is a great fit and then to keep getting outbid. 

This is where having an upgraded offer package helps you stand out to the seller among the stack of offers. 

An upgraded offer package can help you establish a connection with the seller and the agent who has listed the property.

It goes beyond attaching a pre-approval letter to your offer. 

Here’s what I mean…

A lot of sellers want to know their home is going to be taken care of by the right people. 

So if you deliver your offer with strong terms, a pre-approval letter, and let’s say you write a letter to the homeowner explaining how much you loved touring their home…. 

You point out the little nooks and crannies….

You also point out how much you can see that the sellers took great care of the property and how you’re going to take care of it too. 

(I’ve even heard home buyers throwing in a family picture so the sellers reading the letter can see who they are talking to. Remember, people love a great story, and they love knowing their house is in good hands.) 

It can give the seller a better reason beyond the numbers to pick you. 

If you want to strengthen your offer even further, see if it is possible for your agent to request a personal meeting with the listing agent so that they can present the offer in person on your behalf.

This allows your agent to vouch for you and establish a relationship with the listing agent in the process. 


Decide to rent a little bit longer

If you’re tinkering on whether or not you even want to buy a home, perhaps you should consider waiting just a little bit longer. 

We are in one of the hottest economies right now with steady job growth. 

When everyone is screaming in a down market to stay away from purchasing real estate, that could be the perfect time to purchase a home. 

Tip: this is actually what the most wealthy people do. 

Think about it. 

In a down market, everything is on sale and who doesn’t love a sale? 

If you decide that maybe it’s not the right time for your family, that’s okay. 

However, if you are going to wait, make sure to speak with your agent. They will be able to tell you when a great deal comes on the market.


Look at homes that have been on the market for a long time

Homes in the Roseville area aren’t staying on the market very long. Yet there are times when you may see a property that’s been on the market a little bit longer than it’s supposed to in any market. 

If you come across a property that’s been on the market for months, your first gut instinct might be, “what’s wrong with it.” 

Yet, it might be a home you should consider taking a look at. When most buyer’s browse the internet and see a property that’s been on the market for months, they also tend to think that something might be wrong with the property. 

But, that’s not always the case. 

Sometimes the property may be a little overpriced, and this tends to be the case when you notice a property with multiple price reductions. 

When a property stays on the market a while, active buyers start to overlook the property altogether. 

Talk to your agent if you see a property sitting on the market that you are interested in. 

It may be that the seller is a bit more motivated to sell knowing their property still hasn’t sold. 


Consider a short term rental strategy 

Many homeowners find themselves renting out their home as a way to make extra money. It’s not so often that you hear of home buyers buying a home with plans to offset the price of their mortgage with renting as the solution. 

If you would rather pay a bit more for a home to get into your desired neighborhood, consider offsetting the difference with a short term rental. 

You can rent out a room or rent the house for a weekend through sites like Airbnb or VRBO. This way, not only are you getting the home of your dreams, you’re making a little bit of money doing it too! 

I’d recommend you look into the specifics of running a short term rental so that you understand any added costs associated with this strategy.

Make sure to discuss this with your agent and take a good look at your financial well-being. 

You would not want to have your entire mortgage payment depend upon whether or not you get a booking for the weekend. 

At the time of writing this, there are hosts charging anywhere from $150 to $165 (on average) for a weekend rental. For example, if you rent out your property in East Roseville for 2 weekends a month, that could be an extra $300 off your mortgage payment. 

Do this for a year and you’ve placed an extra $3,600 back in your pocket. 



These five tactics that are rarely discussed can help you get the home of your dreams. 

If you have been struggling to get a property in your ideal neighborhood in Roseville, consider taking a look at some of these tactics. 

You may want to move into an older neighborhood such as old Roseville. 

Consider a renovation loan (like a 203k) and find a property that needs a little bit of work to fix it up and make it your own. 

Have a stellar offer package that stands out with a personalized letter to the seller. 

Opt for renting a little bit longer or explore a short term rental strategy. 

Either way, incorporating just one of these tactics can save you a lot of time, energy, and money, and help you find the home of your dreams on your terms.

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