Want to buy a home in Roseville AND maintain some lifestyle freedom? Here’s what you need to consider…

December 9, 2019

Want to buy a home in Roseville AND maintain some lifestyle freedom? Here’s what you need to consider…

Right now, Roseville has a super hot real estate market. As location independence becomes even more popular, many home buyers are wanting a property that can do double duty. 

If you’re like many who crave location independence, yet still value owning a piece of real estate, you may consider searching for a home you can either live in when you want…

…OR rent it when you choose. 

It’s about having options. 

Roseville may be the perfect place for you to achieve this goal.

If you’re looking to find out which areas in Roseville can provide your desired lifestyle of a gorgeous home that still gives you the ability to rent out your home for months on end, I have your back. I’ve compiled a list of the top three items to consider in Roseville for house buyers who crave location independence. 


Is now the best time to buy?


We all know that hedge funds like Blackstone came into the Sacramento area a couple years ago and snatched up a lot of properties. There have also been companies like Open Door who offer homeowners a ‘tech’ approach to selling their home faster, but don’t end up offering fair market value for the property. They’re basically the same investor buyers looking for desperate sellers, just with a marketing facelift.

When these companies start moving into your hometown, many start to wonder if and when is the best time to buy. If you are someone who is looking for value, you can find a good deal in any market. 

You may consider waiting to buy when you think the prices hit rock bottom. However, even top economic advisers can’t time the market, and interest rates can change. There are different things to consider when buying a primary residence vs buying an investment property. Let’s discuss the different options and create the right purchase plan for your needs.


Old Roseville versus new Roseville

There are some key differences between Old Roseville and new Roseville. If you’re someone who wants turn-key, then the newer parts of Roseville near the Galleria or West Park may be the perfect place for you to invest your money.

If you’re someone who appreciates a home that stands the test of time, and you’re willing to buy a property that may need a little bit of renovation, you may want to go with Old Roseville. 

When it comes to the median rent price in these areas, there are some slight differences. For example, a three-bedroom, two-bath house in the older parts of Roseville has a median rent of $1,900. While in the newer parts of Roseville (like Blue Oaks) a three-bedroom, two-bath house has a median rent $2,100. 

How you compare the two will require running the numbers for your specific situation, especially if your formula includes factoring in appreciation.

There is value of investing in either location. On one hand, old Roseville can be somewhere you may consider more investor friendly if you want to rent out your home long term. But, newer Roseville is popular. People love being near the mall, close access to organic ingredients you can find at grocery stores like Whole Foods.

It’s important to factor in what a renter will desire. So instead of becoming an accidental landlord you become a landlord on purpose.



Weighing the pros and cons of buying a rental

Maybe you’re not sure if investing in Roseville with the option for location independence is possible.

 I can tell you this. Studies show that individuals are still migrating from the Bay Area to Sacramento. There are some excellent properties located near Junction with access to great schools, the local library and the freeway for those who work downtown or in the bay area. Also, if you live near the galleria you’re close to the 65. 

I believe it’s important to build wealth. And what better way to embark on your wealth building journey than to provide housing for an individual when you want to. It’s on your terms. 

If you go this route, you may want something that requires no renovation. That way when you’re prepared to rent out your home, it can be as easy as Air Bnb’ing your property or providing a short term rental when you want to take that 3 month hiatus to Bali. 


If this is what you decide, I recommend you pay special attention to your down payment. It may be worth it to have enough rent flowing in to give a bit of extra spending money as you travel.  

Work through your financials with your agent and your mortgage broker so that you pay extra attention to your monthly payment and know what your home can rent for. 

I also believe that one of our primary duties is to care for our community. And there’s a great opportunity to pour love and care into Old Roseville so that it continues to hold its charm.  

Here’s the truth, it can damage your ability to invest long term if you purchase a stand alone rental before you’re ready. You work too hard to spend all your hard earned money on payments. 

You can explore buying a property a little outdated and under value that needs to be spruced up. There are mortgages such as an FHA 203k loan available for individuals buying a home that needs repair. The best part about this type of loan option is you receive money towards the construction.




Buying a home with the plans of turning it into a rental can be a really smart move especially for people who just don’t have the funds to pay for a rental property… Or they feel uncomfortable buying a rental while having a mortgage payment. If you’re wanting to get started investing for your future, the best time to start is now. With median home prices rising, Roseville continues to stand as a highly desired area. If you’re considering buying a home for an investment opportunity, Roseville may be the perfect place.

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