Case Study: The Homestead in Grass Valley, CA

September 25, 2022

Case Study: The Homestead in Grass Valley, CA
A good real estate agent will help you sell your home. A great real estate agent will be there for you at every step of the process beyond the transaction. Regarding the sale of this homestead in Grass Valley, Agent Alex McCarthy was a great agent.

The Deal History

All real estate agents know that a promising lead can come from anywhere, even in the most surprising places. McCarthy first met the seller for 22261 Rambling Oaks Dr in the sauna at her local gym. During one sauna session, the seller mentioned to Alex that she was interviewing potential agents to list their home.

McCarthy jumped at the opportunity and prepped for her interview. She ran nearby comps, looked into the property history, and prepared a customized go-to-market strategy. During the interview, McCarthy toured the property with the owners for over three hours!

After the interviews were complete, the sellers chose McCarthy because she gave them the care and attention they needed while respecting their personal history with the property. With the decision made, it was time to list their home.

The Deal Challenge

As soon as McCarthy listed the property, a nearby neighbor tried to cause trouble. They wanted partial control of the well on the seller’s property and threatened to go to the county. So McCarthy went down to the county building department with the sellers and immediately squashed the neighbor’s power play. Then she followed up by sending the neighbor a cease and desist letter on behalf of the sellers. At every step of the process, she protected her clients and their best interests.

Once they handled the neighbor, McCarthy tackled the home buyer feedback. Set on three expansive acres, built from the ground-up, custom-made, and move-in ready, this homestead was designed to grow with a family. While the private owners loved the unpaved driveway and the seclusion it offered, potential home buyers wanted it to be finished. So McCarthy worked to connect the sellers with an expert vendor to help them pave the driveway.

With the neighbor taken care of and the driveway paved, the offers started pouring in!

The Deal Success

After a successful open house, the negotiations came to a head with two strong overs over list price, competing for the close!

The sellers were thrilled with the outcome and praised McCarthy remarking, that they didn’t think an agent would’ve gone down to the building department with them and held their hand. They were immensely grateful for the extra time and care McCarthy showed towards the sale of their home.

And that’s the difference between a good agent and a great agent.

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Case Study: The Homestead in Grass Valley, CA

September 25, 2022

A good real estate agent will help you sell your home. A great real estate agent will be there for you at every step of the process beyond the transaction. Regarding t… Read more

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