Home Sellers: Does staging really work??

April 11, 2024

Home Sellers: Does staging really work??

What are the benefits of staging? I'm glad you asked!

1. It helps buyers envision the potential of a room - Seeing it complete with furniture allows them to focus more on the house and the flow, not spending time trying to figure out where furniture would go.

2. Sellers get more $$$ - Recent studies revealed that 81% of Buyer's agents stated that Buyers reacted more favorably to a staged home. Buyers also ranked rooms in which they found staging most valuable with the Living room first, primary bedroom second, and the kitchen third. Lastly, 20% of Sellers agents stated that staging increased the price offered by between 1% to 5%.

3. Professional staging improves marketing and presentation - Photos used in print and media show better, and are more inviting potential buyers. Photos appear more complete and more inviting as opposed to photos of empty spaces. Online listings draw potential buyers in to take more time viewing the rooms and photos, and have a better change of resulting in a showing.

4. Professional staging shows potential in tough spaces - If a buyer doesn't see the flow or potential of a space, they may choose to pass on a home. Awkward rooms and spaces can be a noticeable turn off to Buyers. Staging shows that there is a solution to any space!

There's a reason that new home builders always stage their model homes! It works.

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